Who I am as an...


I am a 3x published author of books that speak to identity, self-awareness, and faith in God's promises. Each book not only functions as a source of hope and encouragement, but as a tool for personal and spiritual development.


At The End of Me walks readers through overcoming self-esteem issues that result in a lack of personal identity.


Face to Face With Me: Power Questions to Ask Yourself helps readers to take a hard, necessary look in the mirror to challenge thoughts, behaviors, and emotions that have been commonplace, but have served unfruitful. 

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Be L.I.G.H.T.: A Mindset Shift From the Mundane to the Miraculous encourages readers to keep an expectant hope as they wait on the promises of God to manifest in their lives. 

Any written work of mine aims to encourage, equip, and empower readers to a greater, more fulfilled life.

I've also been a contributing writer for:

  • Nouveau Exposure Magazine

  • Inspire Magazine

  • Jewel Warrior Website and Blog