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Did you say Author?

#1 International Best Seller "Shift with Intention and Soar" is an anthology of how 40 people from all walks of life overcame difficult situations by making very intentional shifts that ultimately catapulted them into living their best life, on purpose. With this book, we aim to inspire hope in those who are dealing with life's curve balls and encourage them to know that they, too, can manifest their best life with some very critical mental, physical, and spiritual shifts.

My chapter entitled "Release Them: The Power of Forgiveness" shares my story of how God changed my life during the summer of 2020. He took what was seemingly set up to distract and discourage me and used it for my good! I share key steps you can take to move towards healing, freedom, and forgiveness - whether you are on the giving end or the receiving end. I pray this book blesses you tremendously!

Darlyshia's Published Books

As a 3x published author, I enjoy sharing content that speaks to both personal and spiritual growth. My writings incorporate practical tips and wisdom on how to own your choices and make the most of the life you live. Because my spirituality is at the core of me, each project incorporates biblical, scriptural, and overall spiritual references. As well, I've published a journal bundle entitled the Document Everything Journal Series which included 4 journals that assist you in documenting your spiritual journey.

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Be L.I.G.H.T.: A Mindset Shift From the Mundane to the Miraculous encourages you to keep an expectant hope as you wait on the promises of God to manifest in your lives. 

Face to Face With Me: Power Questions to Ask Yourself helps you to take a hard, necessary look in the mirror to challenge the thoughts, behaviors, and emotions that have been commonplace in your life, but have served unfruitful. 


At The End of Me walks you through overcoming self-esteem issues that result in a lack of personal identity.

Other Published Works

I've had the pleasure of being a contributing writer for a few magazines and blogs to share encouragement and inspiration.

Nouveau Exposure Magazine

Inspire Magazine

Jewel Warrior Website and Blog

Any written work of mine aims to encourage, equip, and empower readers to a greater, more fulfilled life.
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