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I’ll bet God has spoken some promises to you over time.


Too often, we forget what God tells us because we fail to document it. We never write it down. We can’t seem to recall what He said. That lack of documentation and remembrance leaves us without hope about things changing in our lives. It brings us to a glass ceiling and stunts our progression because we don’t know what’s next. Not any more, though! This is why I created A Prophetic Word Prophecy Journal.


Think of this as blueprints and instructions for what’s to come. Here, you can intentionally document every prophetic word of God spoken to you and over you. One place to refer back to when you need reminding of what God says. One place you can come to encourage yourself in the promises of God. One place you can record those same prophecies manifesting in your life, which can serve as an excellent witnessing tool.

A Prophetic Word Prophecy Journal

SKU: 9781737601128
    • Hardback
    • Matte Cover
    • 128 pages
    • Full Color Interior
    • ***Also sold on Barnes & Noble website
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