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As you dream dreams and have visions, know that it’s more than what you see, it’s what you do with what you see.


Awaken, Oh Dream Dreamer’s Journal is your place to not only document that which Holy Spirit reveals to you, but it’s your place for you to document the revelation that comes along with it. How many times have you written something down in the notes app on your phone, or recorded a voice message in your memo, or jotted something down in a notebook on a whim and never knew how/where to find it again? It’s been me. 


What I know about what God is doing in this season is that He’s preparing those who have an ear to hear to be on the receiving end of His secrets. He’s raising up a people who take the things of God seriously, who will be accountable for hearing and acting on that which He is revealing. He’s putting people in position to minister to His people and share hope, instruction, wisdom, and correction. He’s calling on you. He’s counting on you to be a Daniel. To be a voice for Him amongst the people He’s called you to.


Awaken! God’s mysteries are waiting on you. 

Awaken, Oh Dreamer Journal

SKU: 9781737601135
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    • Hardback
    • Matte Cover
    • 208 pages
    • Full Color Interior
    • ***Also sold on Barnes & Noble website
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