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Death Note Saison 1 French Torrent Anime promhal




.avi 2:29 death note saison 1 episode 13 english dub dub EPISODE 1:SYNOPSIS Mello's father, the brilliant detective Light Yagami, is kidnapped by a shadowy group of criminals known as the "Shadow Family," headed by the mysterious "Shinigami" - Death God. The Shadow Family are doing the bidding of Ryuk, the 13th Death God - the "Shinigami" of the Shinigami Realm. As a cruel, sadistic criminal mastermind, Ryuk wishes to use the Death Note to completely obliterate all of humanity. L: Ryuk's faithful assistant. She is a kind-hearted yet malicious woman who is also Ryuk's chief love interest. She appears to be a normal human being at the start of the series. However, it is later revealed that L is actually an inhabitant of the Shinigami Realm, a race of shapeshifting demigods that takes the appearance of humans and can fly. Mello Yagami: The Chief Prosecutor of the City of Justice. As an intelligent, hardworking and compassionate young man, he aspires to work diligently on the law, until he meets the Shinigami, Ryuk. Mello finds the Shinigami, Ryuk's friendly "face" a little off-putting at first, but Ryuk claims that Mello is like a younger version of himself. Mello becomes Ryuk's right-hand man after a series of events. He is the son of Light Yagami. Ryuk: The "Shinigami" of the Shinigami Realm. His true form is a shinigami - an angelic figure with a wide, horned forehead and a malicious grin. Ryuk is a young, enthusiastic shinigami who loves to play pranks on people. He is also Ryuk's right-hand man. Kira: Light Yagami's sidekick. He is a mild-mannered, timid young man who is also Light Yagami's friend and colleague. However, he becomes a rival to Mello, as he eventually becomes a shinigami. He is Kira's younger brother. Death Note: An object that can nullify human life, written in the shinigami Ryuk's own left hand. Its true identity remains a secret until





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Death Note Saison 1 French Torrent Anime promhal

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