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Fervent Servant started in 2016 as a result of a nudge from Holy Spirit to take encouraging others more seriously. Since my college days, I'd been using my Facebook platform to share 'spiritually practical encouragement.' Spiritually practical encouragement is encouragement about real-life situations - big and small - with a biblical perspective. Since 2016, God has allowed me to be a spiritual encourager through Fervent Servant by way of books, events, prayers, videos, and social media engagement!


All Glory be to God!



In Jesus' Name, Amen!

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The Effectual Fervent Prayer Podcast is all about praying to God, using the Word of God in an effort to see Godly results in our lives. God's promises are Yes and Amen and His plans for us are good. He is looking for us to chit chat with Him so that He can reveal to us the secrets to the blessed life He's prepared for us. I'm trying to live that life. How about you?


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