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Kesha Kent

National Diversity & Inclusion Specialist + Speaker

Talent, can do spirit, along with the willingness to ask questions!! Those are the words I’d use to describe this powerful connector! Her willingness to find ways to improve processes are what each and every organization needs!! What an asset!


Joseph Luckett

#1 Intl Best-Selling Author + Networking Expert

I was very much impressed with her execution, story, and the love that she has for serving. Her educational background, organization, critical thinking ability, communication delivery, writing style, drive, character, discernment, etc. are an asset to one's community. Darlyshia's example and prowess in leadership is certainly noticeable and invited.


Porchia Carter

Author + TV Broadcast & Radio Personality

Darlyshia is such a wonderful coach! She has counseled me through a lot of my anxieties with this process. She helped me align my priorities and became a relevant accountability partner during this experience, and that was way more than I could have ever asked from a coach.

Darlyshia has such a bright, motivating, and encouraging spirit that radiates in any setting. She is a dynamic speaker, impactful coach, transformative writer, and analytical thinker who uses her skills to nurture the growth and development of others. She dually challenges and empowers with confidence, love, and grace. I highly recommend her all of her services.

Melissa Douglass

The Virtual Clinician, Goal Driven Counseling, LLC


Darlyshia's passion, dedication and authenticity make her a powerful and influential leader and team member. She strives for excellence in all that she does and approaches her role as a leader with the same high standards and a compassionate, curious heart that seeks to understand how she can best support, inspire and train others to perform at their best. As a team member, she is engaged, enthusiastic and supportive. As a leader, she is bold, inspiring and forward thinking. In everything, she is detail-oriented, solution-focused, creative and truly concerned with the big picture, considering systems, communications, and the potential impact of each decision or initiative. She focuses on reflection, growth and continuous improvement for herself and others.

Jana Nulik

Co-Founder & Content Creator, Meadowhawk Development

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